About paramedical cosmetics

A vision long-held by its founder, Emy Negm - a skincare specialist with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Paramedical Cosmetics is dedicated to caring for the skin and helping each person reach their most beautiful expression of themselves. 

Our skincare products are uniquely customized formulations made in the U.S. and distributed around the world. 

We started back in the 1980's in Atlanta, Georgia, and opened the first medical skincare clinic in the Middle East at the Cairo Medical Tower in Egypt.

Appearing on various TV shows to heighten awareness of the importance of medical skincare and the emergence of the profession, Emy has for years worked to fill the gap that exists between dermatologists and beauty salons. 

Emy is also a professional image consultant, having received her education from the AICI and the protocol school of Washington D.C., performing countless individual and corporate seminars throughout the years. 

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Eager to help myself and others shine from the inside out!