We at Paramedical Cosmetics believe that everyone deserve to have healthy, flawless skin, without requiring the need for invasive procedures. We invite you to enjoy our latest medically oriented treatments to get your skin glowing in as little as one visit. Our vision is to provide unbeatable value as well as unbeatable results. 

Here are our main treatments below:

  • Signature Facial: a customized detailed facial upon your skin needs. They say " it's the best facial in town"... It's our pride.
  • Derma Stem Cells: allows the penetration of a high dose of nutrition to the deep layers of the skin, without the needle damage.
  • Our Exclusive Peel: gobbling the skin dead layers without any burning, it will bring you back to soft, silky skin in less than thirty minutes. 
  • Even Out Skin Color: our proprietary technique using the best in light technology will give you clearer and brighter skin even after just one treatment.
  • Shape Unwanted Localized Fat Areas: using the cold lazer technique, you lose up to 2cm per session in the area treated.
  • Electrolysis: the only permanent solution for facial hair removal.
  • Permanent Makeup: The most natural safe way to enhance your facial features.

Because we at Paramedical Cosmetics believe that beauty is inside out, we're offering Lymphatic Drainage Massage sessions to get your blood circulation going, as well as Reflexology to get rid of the stress effect on your skin health.